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VideoBox.Com is one of my all time favorite adult sites and the highest rated we have on for a long time. I remember very well when I first saw the site, it was back in 2003, which was a few months after they launched. Before I move any further I have to tell you what the DVD archives looked like at that time. The real hit were so called AVS networks – (Adult Verification System), which were paid gateways giving you access to large amount of small sites. These sites had ton of quality content and it was not about pictures only, the AVS networks were packed with downloadable video clips which was not exactly common at that time. The biggest pain in the ass with these AVS networks was pretty obvious – large number of smaller sites that you had to access one by one.


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Soon enough webmasters realized that better organization is needed and that was the start of the DVD archives as we know them today. The first large DVD archive I am aware of is Videosz.Com which is an awesome and still active site that I will be making a blog for too. But the one I want to talk about today is VideoBox.Com.

Video Box started as ClimaxCorner.Com and was later renamed from some reason, so in case you saw that domain name, now you know where it comes from. VideoBox.Com kinda revolutionalized the DVD archive model – first of all it was the price, they came up with a price tag of $9.95 when the norm was $29.95. Another unseen feature was their daily updates, they didn’t settle with one new movie per day – update schedule rose from 3 DVDs in 2003 per day to almost 7 DVDs per day nowadays. Video Box also prides itself on using the latest technology, they were the first to introduce custom scene creation for example – you could select the start and end of the scene and download just the part you liked.

VideoBox.Com crew does all that’s possible to please the members, their members area is regularly updated with new features – one of the latest additions is handsfree movie viewing displaying 4 various movies at the same time :) Their movies have no watermarks, there is no DRM protection in place and the downloads are unlimited. It’s a like porn movie collectors paradise :)

It’s hard to speak about the content here, because they pretty much offer everything you can think  of – all niches are covered and they have something with pretty much any pornstar you can think of. The variety is huge as they offer DVDs from a vast range of studios. The site offers almost 13 000 !!! full movies that you can download and keep forever for just one low fee and in awesome quality … if this isn’t the bargain of the century then I don’t know what is :) On top of that, they offer custom channels that you can purchase at an additional fee – those channels offer exclusive content from a few select producers like Vivid, Evil Angel, Kink and the Gay version of Video Box called Video Box Men.

The quality of the downloads is really good, but the older additions are not so hot of course which is limited by their date of production. The common scenes come in 4 resolutions including an iphone low res on one end and a DVD quality WMV (750×480 pixels) on the other one, there are also HD versions for some new scenes, these are in 720p format. There are streaming options available too of course and they work very well. Navigating the sheer amount of videos is pretty easy – you can browse by studio, genre or pornstar – the search works really neat.

VideoBox.Com is one of the best deals around and it’s really hard to not recommend it as it’s one of a kind deal so to speak. It’s a huge site with a ton of content offered in high quality and without any limitations. Considering their daily update rate, rapid growth is assured and any member of the site gets a never-ending stream of quality porn with the subscription. And the best at the end – the montlhy membership starts at $8 per month… this is really hard to beat :)

VideoBox.Com is one of the site that I can safely recommend to any adult film fan and collector. They have so much content, you can download several movies per day and never run our of new ones.


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VideoBox offers 1000`s od Pornstars

As one of the biggest adult sites in existence, VideoBox.Com also boosts one of the biggest collection of pornstars that you can run across. They claim to have movies with 12 778 hot pornstars in the collection – this was on 6th June when I was writing this post. Obviously, this number is not and can not be accurate as there is no way to not make a mistake here. Some of them are counted for twice or multiple times, some changed their stage names over the years etc …


With a number that high, I don’t really care how many are doubled thou. Video Box gives you the opportunity to search for a particular pornstar by using her name or you can browse the pornstars profiles based on alphabet or popularity. Majority of the models have a profile photo too, so its easy to choose a star you would like.

The guys at VideoBox.Com try to do their best and add a profile photo for as many stars as they possibly can, but obviously, some of the less popular one do not have a photo attached to their name yet. All the most popular ones have a photo so that’s all good with me so to speak. When you click some of them, a profile page opens, giving you a short bio, basic data and an ability to leave a comment.

Every model profile page also lists the most popular scenes for that particular model and you can start by watching any of them. You can also list all movies featuring the model of your choice as well as display all scenes that she starred at. VideoBox has a massive archive so don’t be surprised to find a massive amount of scenes for some. For example the most popular pornstar right now is Alexis Texas, when I opened her profile I was surprised they have 96 movies with her that sums up to 138 scenes or 863 clips. That’s more than any fan could possibly hope for :)

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VideoBox.Com offers Daily Updates

As I already mentioned multiple times on this blog, is updated every day, and not just once a day, new movie is added to the site several times per day. So to give you a precise idea of what an average update looks like, I decided to make this post about it and show you a day of updates in bigger detail.


The home page of the members area at VideoBox is setup in a way that shows “today`s” additions right on top – there is space for just 5 of them and there is a small countdown clock showing exactly when a new movie will be added. When I was writing this, the clock showed 01:01:10 to go :)

To see a full day of updates, I clicked on “view all” button which took me to a page with DVD’s listed by date. I was writing this post on the 5th June, so to see a full date I was looking after movies with the 4th June date stamp. There was 6 movies dated 4th and to verify the number I looked at a few more days – 6 movies on the 3rd, 6 movies on the 2nd, 5 movies on the 29th May… looks like the VideoBox update schedule is kept between 5 and 6 movies per day.

Lets get back to the 4th of June, to see what titles were added – Burning Embers – added to the Evil Angel channel, All National Interracial Cougar Hunt #5 – pretty long but descriptive name :) Next was Bring`Um Young #25 – good looking newer themed movie. Then there is the GloryHole Confessions #1 which seems like an older flick from the series. Next was Takin`It up the butt – short 3 scene anal flick. The last was Holly Body Raw – this is a classic movie from the past featuring the hot Holly Body. As you can see, every day brings a nice selection of movies, covering wide area of genres and production dates. This just confirms my words that VideoBox has something for eceryone.

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Vivid Channel by Video Box

The Channels are a special feature of VideoBox.Com, offering additional value at an additional but reasonable price. The basic idea of these channels is to offer something that the competition does not have. Movies and scenes found in these channels is content that is not available for general licensing, so not every DVD archive or video site can offer it. Its a result of mutual agreement between and the producers.

One of the channels is Video Box MEN, which is basically just a gay clone of videobox, offering the same quality content as the mother site, but in the gay niche. Two other channels offer content from KINK and Reality Kings – both are amongst the best players in their particular niches, one specializes in fetish action, the other one is one of the best reality porn producers.

The last channels is the one I want to talk about a bit more, its the VIVID channel. Any porn fan knows the VIVID brand, it’s practically impossible to anyone to be unaware of this studio. Vivid was and still remains one of the biggest porn studios in the past, hosting the best adult actresses and pornstar of all times. Vivid still continues to shoot quality feature porn, and they have their own website at, but in case you are looking for their older flicks and don’t want to join their standalone website, this channel at VideoBox is your best choice.

The Vivid channel at contains over 600 movies and new ones are added all the time. For example in May, there were 12 movies added to the channel. Majority of these movies are older, which is perfect for any collector like myself. So in case you are looking for your favorite flicks from the 90s, this is the place to go get em :)

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VideoBox offers movies from a lot of Studios

When you offer so much DVDs, scenes and clips, you cannot rely on one or a few porn studios, you have to venture out and constantly look for new producers. The guys at Video Box did just that and as of today, they work with over 300 studios. Yes you read it right, they have porn movies from more than 300 various producers.


There are many small, new or no longer active studios in the mix obviously, but about 150 of these porn studios have more than 20 movies presented at VideoBox. To ensure a large variety of offered content, they work with all kinds of studios when it comes to niches. So you have the classic high end pornstar productions like Red Light District or Pink Visual in the mix, just as more hardcore and fetish geared studios like Kink, Evil Angel and many many more.


In case you want to browse VideoBox by production studio, its pretty easy. First thing to do is to click on the “Studios” button on the main page, which will give you a 12 pages long list of studios along with their logos. Each listing comes with detailed stats like number of movies, scenes and clips.


Once you pick a studio, simply click on the movies, scenes or clip buttons below its logo and you will be transfered to a search results page with the related results. Just to test the system, I picked Red Light Disctrict studio and clicked on the movies button – after a short the search returned 531 results, split over 13 pages with 40 movies on each of them. Every movie is presented with a cover image, title, basic categories and date of addition. All works nice and smoothly just like I am used to at VideoBox.Com.

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Asian Lesbians with Big Boobs

So let’s go more specific, shall we? :) I love asian babes, I love lesbians and I love BIG BOOBS … so let’s combine it all together and search the Video Box members area for Asian Lesbians with big tits. We all know that asian pornstars do not usually come with large tits, but I am sure there is enough of them out there.


So what does the search return? It’s 167 scenes matching my keywords – asian, lesbian, big boobs. It’s more than I thought because I can’t think of more than 10 or so asian pornstars with large tits from the top of my head. I guess there will be some interracial scenes with a big titted white chick in the mix, but I don’t mind all that much.


Looking over the search results a bit, I see plenty of known names in the mix – Jessica Bangkok, London Keys (or should it be Keyes?), Mika Tan, Asa Akira and many others. I found a few cool scenes with Asa Akira in there that I was not aware of and I am already downloading them :) There are also some asian hotties I haven’t seen before, so I gotta check them out when I finish writing this.

Like I thought, some of the scenes feature not so busty asian babe with a well endowed white pornstar, but that was to be expected and I don’t consider it an error of the VideoBox.Com search feature. In the next post, I will try some even more narrowed search, targeting some specific micro niche and we will see if they deliver too.

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Lesbian Latinas in Action at Video Box

When thinking about popular niches to look for in the members area of, I thought of Latinas. But to make it more specific, I decided to combine it with another favorite niche of mine – the lesbians. So what to expect if you are looking for hot latina babes engaged in steaming hot lesbain sex?


Video Box offers a nice search feature in case you want to specify your favorite categories/niches – there is a list on the left side, with a +/- marks next to each of them. Simply hit the + next to those you want and the system will automatically alter the search results for you and display them along with a screenshot, DVD name and cast next to it.

Lesbian latinas returned whooping 446 scenes, thats more than I eventually hoped for to be honest :) So let’s browse it a bit and see what’s there to download. This kind of search cannot be further split by DVD or in any other way, so you have to browse the scene one by one, but the given info helps a lot so it’s easy to locate the scene you want to watch. What I really love about is that the screenshosts are interactive – you can move the mouse cursor from left to right and the screenshots will scroll through the scene, its like a fast preview of the video.


You will find all the most popular Latina stars here like Eva Angelina, Nina Mercedes, Alexis Amore, Sativa Rose … etc but there is also a ton of latin super babes I never heard of, so you have a lot of exploring to do. Same goes for the action types, there is your regular pussy licking and dildo stuff, but also a lot of anal play, sybians, group scenes … you name it, VideoBox offers it :)

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Nurse Porn by Video Box

We all have a favorite porn niche or several niches, and I am no different. As time passed by, my preferences changed a bit and so did my favorite porn niches, but one of them prevailed – nurses and anything that had to do with the nurse uniforms. With any new site I get access to, I always look for some nurse scene and I did the same with

I really don’t remember how many and what types of nurse porn scene there were when I first paid a visit to Video Box, but I will be more than happy to take a look at the current selection in the members area. So let’s type the word NURSE and hit the search button. The search returned 510 results with the word “nurse” in it. So let’s take a better look at them.

VideoBox.Com let’s you choose what to search for, so I can refine the search and analyze the results a bit better. Out of those 510 scenes, there are 20 DVDs with the word NURSE in the title, 104 scenes from the special addon channels, 146 clips from other DVDs. The oldest scene is from a flick named Fetish Fanatics #5 – Girls who are dirty sexy nurses … and the newest scene was added this May and the DVD title was Knockin Nurses #3 – which is an older but cool flick starring the one and only Holly Body :)


I am not going into more detail here, as you can see there is plenty of nurse related porn for download over at and that’s the beauty of DVD archives like this one – whatever niche or star you pick, there is a load of content that you can dig through. I think I will look at more popular niche and tell you what to expect in case you are looking for it.

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Classic Porn at VideoBox.Com

If you are like me, you like watching “old” porn movies from the golden era, also called the “classic porn” movies. These are flicks shot in the 90s or around the year 2000, mostly by bigger studios. At that time, all porn movies were shot with some story line, the sex was not so rough as it is now … and it reminds of my youth so I simply like to watch them from time to time, even thou the picture quality isn’t so special compared to todays standards.

As you can guess, there is quite a lot of these movies in the members section of VideoBox.Com, otherwise I wouldn’t write about it in this blog :) Right now you can pick from 265 classic movies and as per the latest update schedule, they add 1 or 2 of these movies per week – especially in the Vivid channel.

I am browsing the Video Box classic porn collection right now and there are some cool gems in there, especially if you like the megastars from the past like Asia Carrera, Nici Sterling, Christy Canyon, Jill Kelly, Dyanna Lauren or any other of the well known gals. There are several scenes with any of the mentioned stars and plenty of other hot stars of the past.

If I should compare the size of classic porn archive at VideoBox.Com and on some other sites, I would say this one is at the same level with Videosz.Com and better than any other general DVD site, but here you also get the Vivid movies in a special channel, even if it’s at an extra cost. There are other sites specializing in classic porn, so they have more material and you should pick one of them if you are looking exclusively for classic porn, but considering it as a bonus, it surely adds a lot of value to the VideoBox membership.

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Downloadable HD Porn on Video Box

Ok folks, we all know its all about HD these days :) Unless you’re a full HD guy, you are fucked and called a dinosaur. And that goes for porn movies too, nothing less than full HD will do these days. Ok, I know its a load of crap but it’s hard to argue about one thing – HD picture simply looks better and there is more details in it, so why not pick some HD flicks and download them at VideoBox ?


First of all, not all movies that you can watch at VideoBox are in HD, majority of them is not actually. It’s quite logical with the old titles as there was no HD used at that time, but the new movies are shot with better equipment of course. So let me login into the members section and see what’s on offer today.
VideoBox.Com currently offers 440 HD movies for download and looking at the update schedule, they seem to be adding at least 1 HD title per day plus 4 or 5 regular DVD quality movies on top of that. The movies come in all kinds of genres so its pointless to go into more detail here, anything you like, they should have plenty of movies for you.

The HD movies can be all browsed by selecting the HD category from the menu in VideoBox.Com members section and you can also browse it by scenes. The HD version comes in 720p mp4 format, so it’s not full HD. I tried to download a few of the latest additions, one with my favorite asian babe Asa Akira and the quality is really good.

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Jenaveve Jolie at VideoBox.Com

One of the main reason for the huge success of Video Box is the size of it’s movie archive. At the time of writing this post, they are coming close to 13 000 DVDs and thats a huge number. The advantage for any member is pretty clear, no matter what girl you like, they are almost guaranteed to have a lot of scene for her. Take the hot latina Jenaveve Jolie for example, they have 140 scenes for this one hot gal alone.

Jenaveve Jolie
Jenaveve Jolie is one of my favorite latina pornstars and one of the hottest gals on earth for sure. Her flawless body and awesome tits make my dick hard in about 5 seconds anytime I see her naked. I downloaded about 50 scenes from VideoBox featuring this hottie and I have to say she is one talented performer. Doesn’t matter if it’s a man or some other gal she is acting with, she always shows a lot of passions for her partners.

VideoBox buys movies from pretty much every porn production that exists, so you can expect a lot of variety in the films. And thats the same with Jenaveve, you will see her in solo action, dildo games or lesbian scenes, just as she will ride plenty of cocks for you. One thing is given, you won’t get bored that soon.

Once you are done with the hot Jenaveve Jolie, you should check out the other pornstars that have movies for download at Video Box, they say it’s as much as 12500 pornstars and I have no reason to not believe this. I will take a look at some more later on and post some more articles and pics here. Come back soon for more.

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